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Peanut butter - lightly roasted (organic)

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Spreadable peanut butter made with organic peanuts.

Our organic peanut butter is quite runny which makes it the perfect peanut butter to drizzle on, well, almost everything: try on a kale salad, your favourite pasta dish, chocolate cookies and, of course, on toast. 

Whether vegan or not, everyone can benefit from increasing their plant-based protein daily intake and a healthy and delicious way of achieving this goal is by adding  peanut butter in your meals. Use it in breakfasts and smoothies, to cook or bake with or to prepare effortless snacks.

To make a PB&J sandwich, spread the peanut butter first -or after- the jelly, we won’t judge you here!

Ingredients: 100% peanuts* (not suitable for peanuts and nuts allergy sufferers)


Jars contains approx. 200g