Cacao nibs (organic) - zero waste

Cacao nibs (organic) - zero waste

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£1.00 / 100g

Buy raw and organic cacao nibs plastic-free.

What are 'cacao nibs'? Cocoa beans, originally white, are peeled, fermented and 'nibbed' (cut up). This process gives the cacao nibs their dark colour and enhances the flavour of chocolate.

Cacao nibs are easily used in food, baking and recipes. They can be blended or crushed or simply used as they are. Sprinkle on food such as cereal, or add to smoothies and ice cream for that extra touch.

    Vegan and gluten free.

      Energy (Kj)2668
      Energy (Kcal)637
      Fat (g)52.0
      - saturates (g)30.3
      Carbohydrates (g)6.0
      - sugars (g)1.5
      Fibre (g)23.4
      Protein (g)12.8
      Salt (g)0.2