About us

Welcome to Green Sparrow Foods!

Green Sparrow Foods was conceived during lockdown 1.0 in 2020 and we first pre-launched the business to friends and colleagues in December 2020. It was a great success right from the beginning and over the course of the next few weeks and months we made baby steps to where we currently are.

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If you are reading this right now, it means you found Green Sparrow Foods in the dense jungle of the internet and if you have just made a purchase or are thinking about making one, you are actually changing someone’s life!

As a small business, we personally receive, prepare and dispatch each nut butter order with a lot of love. We  thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting in us and in our products.

At Green Sparrow Foods we are passionate about food, nature and animals. In other words, we’re vegan for the animals, for the planet and for our health. We’re a small vegan business based in Teddington (London), UK. Every single jar of nut butter is made with love,

  • poured by hand into a UK-made glass jar (with a BPA-free lid),
  • labelled with recycled paper & vegan labels and
  • packed plastic-free using sustainable or re-used materials.

We put a lot of effort and all our love into our products, in the hope that you will have a great experience buying from us.

Meri Rotes 

founder of
Green Sparrow Foods healthy nuts


What is Green Sparrow Foods about?

We make nut butters. Not just that: we will make you YOUR PERFECT NUT BUTTER! Nut butters are truly delicious, but we are all different and don’t share the same likes and dislikes. At Green Sparrow Foods we know this and that’s why we wanted to offer customised nut butters, so everyone can have this fantastic spread just how they like it. We have five different nuts available (organic peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews and walnuts), two different textures to choose from - smooth and crunchy - and also two different depths of roasting: lightly roasted or deep roasted. We tried and tested our recipes, so we can say with confidence we are nut butter experts. 
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Why the name ‘Green Sparrow Foods’?

Well, there’s actually a really nice story behind the name. If you’d like to know it, read on: Meri’s partner, Enric, is a veterinary surgeon and one day, during lockdown 1.0, a little girl came to his clinic with a shoe box. Inside the shoe box there was a little baby bird which was badly injured. She said to the vet: “We found this little bird on the street. We think it’s a baby sparrow and we think it might have a broken wing. Please, can you do anything about it?” Enric’s heart filled with sadness and compassion. He didn’t hesitate for a second and replied to the little girl: "Of course, we will do everything we can to save the life of this little bird. Thank you very much for bringing it to the clinic.”

The baby sparrow, who seemed to be a female, had a broken wing, a broken leg (same side!) and barely any feathers on the top of her head. Because she needed a lot of (medical) attention, Enric took her home and Meri and Enric looked after her. After all the vet's efforts to repair the little sparrow’s leg and wing, they didn’t heal properly, so they had to be amputated. The little baby sparrow was very ill for a long time but thanks to the lockdown, Meri was working from home, so she was able to feed the bird food and water throughout the day. 

Kyoto sparrowKyoto green sparrowKyoto  sparrow

Weeks passed by and the little bird wasn’t a baby anymore. She had fully recovered and she was now a fully grown sparrow. Sadly, she only had one wing and one leg, so the idea of releasing her to a wildlife centre was out of the question as it would have been too dangerous for her. And at that point, Meri and Enric decided to “officially” adopt the bird and name her Kyoto.

Kyoto brings so much joy to Enric and Meri’s life: she sings in the mornings, she cheeps asking for food, she has a daily bath (which is incredibly funny to watch!) and she has also captivated hundreds of Green Sparrow Foods’ Instagram followers. Go to our profile and discover Kyoto’s favourite food. PS. She’s vegan.