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1kg Walnut butter (organic)

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Walnut butter is probably the least known amongst all the nut butters in the market, yet it is so healthy and versatile.

Walnuts alone are used to make this spread, thus walnut butter is a great plant-based source of  omega-3s. This nut butter is highly recommended if you don’t consume oily fish twice per week on a regular basis or indeed are vegan. 

Our customers describe it as 'the most buttery, lovely soft nut butter' and some of the favourite uses are adding a tablespoon to porridge, making a vinaigrette with it for a tasty salad dressing or using it in baking. We also like it on toast or as a porridge topping alongside something sweet, such as honey or maple/agave syrup.

Walnut butter has a mildly bitter taste, some absolutely love it and for some it won’t be their most favourite. Try it and judge for yourself! We cannot wait to hear your feedback.

Ingredients: 100% walnuts (not suitable for peanuts and nuts allergy sufferers)

1kg tub