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Snack balls - individual
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Snack balls - individual

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Handmade, healthy snack

Green Sparrow Foods offers a completely natural snack to be enjoyed by the whole family. These energy balls are filling, gooey and delicious, and our customers tell us they buy them

- as pre or post workout snack,

- to take on a bike ride

- for school lunchboxes

- as breakfast on the go

- to have a bite on the plane

- to nibble at while breastfeeding

At Green Sparrow Foods we believe we are all different, and we all have different taste preferences. Same as with our artisan nut butters jars, you can customise our nut butter balls to your own preferences: made with peanuts or almonds and have them soft or crunchy

PEANUT SNACK BALL - soft: *peanuts, *cacao powder, medjoul dates. 

PEANUT SNACK BALL - crunchy: *peanuts, *cacao nibs, medjoul dates. 

ALMOND SNACK BALL - soft: almonds, *cacao powder, medjoul dates.

ALMOND SNACK BALL - crunchy: almonds, *cacao nibs, medjoul dates.


£1.75 per ball (35g each)

    Vegan and gluten free