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Artisan, vegan cheese, made in small batches using nuts and live cultures.

We are offering the amazing dairy free cheeses from Kinda Co. to Teddington and South West London. Please note: All of these vegan cheeses are made using nuts, mostly cashews and almonds, and are therefore not suitable for those with a nut allergy. Some cheeses also contain miso (containing soy), and mustard. Kinda Co. block cheeses have a shelf life of 12-14 days and all are suitable for freezing - freeze on day of collection/delivery and consume within 6 months. Defrost overnight in the fridge before eating. Plese allow at least one week for your order to arrive, as the supplier delivers to us once a week. If you are not local to Teddington, contact us before placing the order.

Hard to decide? Here are Kinda Co. descriptions:

Farmhouse: Our most popular flavour - this Farmhouse has a sharp flavour reminiscent of mature cheddar. Delicious in a sandwich and the perfect addition to any dairy-free cheeseboard. 

Chilli: Our smokey Chilli packs a spicy punch with the heat of chilli and the smokiness from smoked paprika. One for people who love something spicy, but not so hot it will completely blow your tastebuds. Delicious is everything from a burrito, melted into pasta or dotted over a bowl of chilli.

Spirulina blue: Mild and tangy with blue veins of superfood spirulina, this is a blue cheese for people who aren’t sure if they like blue cheese. Much more easy going than a traditional stilton but still very pleasing on the tastebuds and as a bonus looks great on a cheeseboard. Also delicious in a pear and walnut salad!

Garlic + Herb: Garlic + Herb creamy cultured cashew cheese, with a pink beetroot layer. Delicious on fresh, crusty bread or on a cheeseboard.

Summer TruffleSummer Truffle cheese is here! One of our most requested cheeses - we've made this creamy cashew cheese due to popular demand! Smooth and rich with the delicious flavour of black truffle. Finished with a pretty scattering of edible dried flowers our Truffle cheese looks like a summer meadow! This cheese tastes amazing melted into a risotto to add some creamy richness. Or try adding to mashed potato to make some next level mash! 

Smoked: Our classic Farmhouse with a a rich smoked flavour. We've taken our bestselling Farmhouse and infused it with hand-harvested smoked Dorset Sea Salt to create an incredible new cheese. We recommend it in everything from a sandwich - pair with Tomato, Lettuce and Mayo for the ultimate BLT vibe. Or instead slice onto a burger, for a melted cheese topping.